How to Ease a Cross Country Road Trip

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Moving across Canada and finalizing a long-distance moving company to help you are both important decisions, but these initial steps are the beginning. You still need to transport yourself and anyone else living with you to the other side of the country. Never fear—with a reliable Richmond moving company and a road trip plan, you’ll be successfully relocated in no time.

Tips for a Cross Country Road Trip

Planning a successful cross-country road trip is so much more than just planning a route and spreading out a map. You’ll need to coordinate everything with the moving service that you hire to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page. A little preparation and some of our best tips help you on your journey to moving out of province.

Decide on a Route That Works for Everyone

It’s convenient to take the shortest route possible, but things aren’t always that simple when you have a moving team transporting your belongings across the country. Their trucks may be restricted from driving on certain roads, so it’s essential to coordinate with your movers. If you’re planning to travel in convoy with your belongings, for example, you will need to understand the routes the movers will be taking that will accommodate heavy vehicles.

When it comes to finding the best routes, there are navigation apps to help you get the job done. Should you encounter any unexpected traffic along the way, you may be able to use an app like Waze to reroute for faster driving time. Be sure to stay in close contact with your moving service if you are planning to deviate from your original route, so they are kept informed.

Always Park in Front of Active Security Cameras

If you’ve got a vehicle full of moving boxes as you drive across the country, there’s not much you can do to hide that fact from onlookers. You’ll have to stop for gas, food, and bathroom breaks along the way, so it’s important to be proactive about keeping your vehicle and belongings as safe as possible.

Parking in well-lit areas that have working surveillance systems is especially important when you’re in a hotel parking lot. You won’t be able to watch your car or the moving truck overnight, but strategic parking can be an excellent way to thwart the efforts of any would-be thieves who happen to pass by.

Budget Accordingly and Don’t Settle for the Cheapest Services

Creating a suitable budget for your cross-country move is not just about saving money and time. You also need to consider the quality of a reputable long-distance moving service, which is well worth the price. You want to pick a team of movers that you can trust to take your belongings across the country without mishaps, hidden costs, or other disasters that you cannot anticipate.

You’ll want to compare rates from a few different moving companies before deciding on a winner. You should also factor in the price of gas for your vehicle, in addition to the cost of the moving company.

Book Hotels Well in Advance

Depending on the length of your trip, it may take a few days to reach your destination. While it may be tempting to drive as much as humanly possible in one day, this also poses a safety risk for you as the driver and for those with you on the road. Ease up and set a reasonable number of stopping points along the way in advance.

You’ll want the process of moving across Canada to go as smoothly as possible, so make sure that you plan your hotel stops well ahead of time. It ensures that you’ll be able to choose from the best available options rather than finding yourself stuck in an objectionable location for more money or effort than you planned.

Enjoy Some Memorable Stops Along the Way

At the end of the day, moving across the country is still a classic road trip. If you have to drive a considerable distance anyway, you should make the most of it. If there are any noteworthy stops along the way that you or your family might be interested in, try and work these landmarks or tourist sites into the itinerary.

Moving is a serious matter that requires a lot of thorough planning, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or boring. After all, a road trip is about the journey, not the destination.

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