family packing

I felt like I was so smart when I chose Richmond Movers to take care of my move. They were quick, reliable and did the packing perfectly. Boxed and taped and everything. They completed the move in less than 4 hours and I am going to wholeheartedly recommend them.
Susan, 37, Richmond

We just moved from Richmond to Calgary and I must say these guys are AWESOME! They’ve got heart while doing the moving job, and safely loaded and unloaded my things on the truck. I am very pleased. Please say THANK YOU to the movers you sent to me. Cheers!
Margaret, 38, Richmond

Moving in a 2 bedroom place to 5th floor, w/ no elevator is truly a hard one. But with the movers they gave me, it looked easy and were even done fast. Though they were fast, still they handled my things with extra care. I was so pleased and happy with how nice they are, no complains. I will keep them in mind for future moves and will be spreading the news on how great they did on my move.
Isabella, 26, Richmond

They did SUPER WORK at an affordable rate! I’m not really into endorsing companies, but I would really want you guys to know that this Richmond Movers rocks. They showed up on time,give you everything you need in the move (materials, boxes) and movers are kind, helpful and sooo friendly. We were very satisfied. THANK YOU RICHMOND MOVERS!
Madison, 29, Richmond

Movers were booked for 9am, and they arrived 8:45. The 15minutes thing is so appreciated as my wife and I are busy persons. As soon as they arrived, they immediately checked, packed, and disassembled everything thats needed to work. I also love their positive attitude that day. Wish everyone I deal with was this good. Thank you Richmond Movers!
Jacob, 31, Richmond